Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage (Import)

  • Acting on behalf of Importers in conducting business with Jamaica Customs Department including the entering and releasing of goods of a description under Customs Law.
  • Provide Consultation to Importer/Client Shipping
    • Documents/Permits/Licenses Requirement
    • Mode of Transportation and Selection of Carrier
    • Related Customs Payment
    • Freight and Local Charges
  • Transaction of Business with Specific Government Agencies who represents the ministries of government which mandate laws on restricted items for Importation.
  • Transaction of Business with Carrier/Cargo Agents, which includes tracking, arrival, notices, collection of shipping documents and charges to Importer.
  • Receiving goods for inspection with customs ad making sure goods are accounted for according to suppliers invoice. Taking measures to defend the interest of our client/importer goods at port of entry
  • Transporting and delivery of cargo rapidly and carefully from port of entry to client/importer requested destination.